Dance and Calisthenics

Capture My Event began life with dance and calisthenics photography and videography, specifically for the Royal South Street Eisteddfod in Ballarat. We love capturing dance, calisthenics (and all performance) - with an emphasis on the critical moments and the stories of your performance. 

We offer stage/action photography, (mobile) studio photography and video recording of competitions and concerts. We also love coming out to your club or school for a studio photo day to help you get all of your promotional images!



Our dance performance photography covers both troupe/group and solo performances. We can shoot live performances and also dress rehearsals to capture the essence of the performance without an audience present. 

We also know that there are some things that can only be captured in the controlled environment of a studio. We take the time working with dancers and teachers, to get the technique 'en pointe', offering instant feedback on our large screen monitors.



We capture the energy and skill of calisthenics teams and soloists, whether on stage or in our studio. We love getting to know you and your team(s) and always want to capture the best moments, whether it is graceful aesthetics poses or dynamic freearm jumps. 




Capture My Event is able to film your concert, competition or event from any number of angles. We are proudly aligned with Indimax Productions, a film production company, and as such have access to professional film makers, equipment and editors. This doesn't mean that everything needs to be a huge production though! We're just as happy filming your concert with one camera, however you can be assured that our commitment to quality never wanes!